Brand.Other other.
The price range.50 yuan or less.
Color classification.G38-Fourth Generation Frisbee Tire Line-300 (Steel B83-Fourth Generation Frisbee Tire Line-360 (Steel C81-Fourth Generation Frisbee Tire Line-420 (Steel F35-Fourth Generation Frisbee Tire Line-480 (Steel) D50-Fourth Generation Frisbee Tire Line-540 (Steel K20-Fourth Generation Frisbee Tire Line-600 (Steel A54-Fourth Generation Frisbee Tire Line-720 (Steel R62-Tight Eye Frisbee-Single Wire-360) Steel L81-Tight Eye Frisbee-type single wire-420 (steel D77-Tight-eye Frisbee-type single wire-480 (steel K35-tight-eye frisbee-type monofiline-540 (steel T22-tight-eye frisbee-type single wire-600 (steel N58-tight-eye frisbee-type Single wire-720 (steel B54- fourth generation Frisbee tire line-360 (lead P83- fourth generation Frisbee tire line-420 (lead Q47-fourth generation frisbee tire line-480 (lead P84-fourth generation Frisbee tire line-540 ( Lead L30-Fourth generation Frisbee tire line-600 (lead A89-fourth generation Frisbee tire line-720 (lead H54-(new product) chain 420 aggravation anti-O25-(new products)) chain 480 aggravated anti-Q20 - (new product) chain 540 aggravated anti-U80-(new product) chain 600 aggravated anti-M50-fish wire 180 no aluminum ring no giveaway.
The tag price.125。
Time to market.Summer 2016.
The no.K29572.
Sports outdoor activities.Fishing.



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