Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to purchase in bulk or wholesale?

ChinaHao will assist international buyers to purchase in bulk or wholesale from our platform. Do write to us with your orders and we will get back to you.

Can I have specially made to order products?

Yes, you can. As an international buying house (Agent) for our international clients, we accept request for specially made to order products for our clients. Send us the design of the products, and other details of your requirement, we will source for the suppliers or manufacturers to give you a quotation. Once you accept the quotation, you will have to pay fifty percent (50%) of the product price in order for the manufacturer to start production. Buyer will have to pay the balance in full one week before the shipment date in order that the manufacturer will ship the product to our transit warehouse.

Buyer will have to pay to ChinaHao the shipping cost one week before the shipment date for the arrangement of shipment to the buyer. In the event that the buyer failed to pay for the shipment cost, and the goods are left in ChinaHao or the freight forwarder or the logistic Company warehouse for more than three (3) months, it is deemed that the buyer forgo the products and ChinaHao or the freight forwarder or logistic company has the right to seize the goods and publicly auction the products to pay for the cost of warehousing and compensation for shipment cancellation.

Can I purchase the standard design of the product with our own brand and colour?

Yes, you can. If the order is big enough for the supplier or manufacturer to specially produce it for you. When you have such a need, do write to us with your design, colour requirement, and we will obtain a quotation from the supplier or manufacturer on your behalf.

What service can ChinaHao provide?

As buying house (Agent) for our international clients, we can provide the following service:

  • 1. We can assist in product search
  • 2. We assist in price negotiation with the sellers
  • 3. We provide an interim transit warehouse for clients shipping via our company
  • 4. We assist in sourcing for OEM products, suppliers and manufacturers
  • 5. We can arrange for hotel accommodation for our international clients
  • 6. We can arrange for airport pickup when our clients arrive in China
  • 7. We can provide translator for the international clients
  • 8. We can perform QC check and control on behalf of international clients
  • 9. We can assist in obtaining samples and shipped it to the international clients for approval before production
  • 10. Any services not listed here can be discussed and arranged