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About your order

Once you choose your item, confirm the colour, size, amount and others, and add it to the shopping cart. Then click on the “continue shopping” for more shopping. If you have special requirements, example, to send the different products in the cart to different address, please indicate the address in the message box beside each product. If you have finish shopping, click check-out and you will have an address box stating your latest address. The system will automatically take the latest address as the default address to send your goods. If you have a new address, please add on the new address in the address box, and the system will automatically change to the new address as the default address. Once you place an order you are not able to change the attribute of your item, such as colour and size.

Step 1: Shipping address

Once you have placed your order, you must provide the shipping address to us. If you are sending the products to different addresses, please indicate the address in the message box next to the product selected. If no shipping address, we will follow the address stated on your membership registration. ChinaHao shall not be held responsible if the customer does not receive the product when it is shipped correctly to the address provided by the customer on his order or the address in his membership registration.

Step 2: Shipping Cost

After step 1, go to the shipping cost calculation page. Selected the shipping method, the weight or volume of the product and company, you will have an estimated shipping cost. Shipping is executed by the choice of the customer. Please read the product weight and dimension carefully. The shipping cost will be calculated based on the actual product weight or the volumetric weight whichever is more.

Step 3: Payment Methods

Next choose your payment method. You can choose any of the payment method listed in the payment section. However, we only accept payment from MoneyGram and Western Union if you purchase branded product.

How to pay via MoneyGram

  • 1. Estimate the cost to transfer money (amount to pay for the purchase plus administrative fee)
  • 2. Find a MoneyGram location near you (
  • 3. Visit your local MoneyGram agent
  • 4. Complete a simple money transfer form
  • 5. Contact the receiver on your money transfer
  • 6. Inform the receiver the transfer money reference and the name of the receiver to receive the money

How to pay via Western Union

  • 1. Complete the “TO SEND MONEY” form
  • 2. Pay for your money transfer (the amount to transfer plus service fee)
  • 3. Sign and receive your receipt
  • 4. Inform your receiver (with the name of the receiver and the Money Transfer Control Number – MTCN)
  • 5. Track your money

Please contact us for the name of the receiver when you are making payment via MoneyGram or Western Union.

Step 4: Order Confirmation

If you are using credit card to pay for your purchase, the amount would have gone straight into your account. If you are paying via MoneyGram or Western Union the money would also be credited to your account after it has been cleared.

Order Processing

We only accept paid orders. We would start processing paid orders within 1-3 days. Orders to Chinese suppliers for delivery take 5-10 working days to process and for it to reach our warehouse. Therefore, the average time taken for your order from payment to dispatching the parcel from our warehouse will take about 6 to 14 days. The shipping time will depend on the number of products you ordered and where the products come from or the products are specially ordered and manufactured for you. For example, if you place your order on 4th November, you may receive the goods by 18th November. All these little integrity will add on the time of shipping the product to you.

Changes on the Purchase Order

1. Modification & Confirmation of Order

Before making payment, you are able to change your purchase order by using the “back” button. You can delete what you have ordered earlier and replace with what you want to re-order. However, you have to ensure that the product you purchase is correct, including size, colour, etc. If you have any special requirement, write your request in the remark area.

2. Modification of delivery and address

If you need to change your delivery method or shipping address after you have sent in the order and make payment, please send an E-mail or fax to us on your request to change. For example, combined or split orders

If you would like to send the products in the same order to different person and address, we will not send the products in one parcel. < strong> Please remember to pay attention to this request. According to your request, we would pack and send the products in the same order separately to the addresses specified in your E-mail or fax. For example, please send the products I ordered via Order number ________ to the following addresses.
  • 1.Order Number
  • 2.Date Requested
  • 3.S/N
  • 4.Name of Product / Reference Number
  • 5.Address to Send to

3. Check the status of your order

Once you choose your item, confirm the colour, size, amount and others, and add it to the shopping cart. Then click on the “continue shopping” for more shopping. If you have special requirements, example, to send the different products in the cart to different address, please indicate the address in the message box beside each product. If you have finish shopping, click check-out and you will have an address box stating your latest address. The system will automatically take the latest address as the default address to send your goods. If you have a new address, please add on the new address in the address box, and the system will automatically change to the new address as the default address. Once you place an order you are not able to change the attribute of your item, such as colour and size.

Those that use our product website or Taobao agency site will have the following:

i. Awaiting payment

It means that you have pick and placed the product you wanted into the shopping cart and have not make any payment. The system will automatically cancel your selection in the cart after 10 days if you do not make payment or your payment is not successful.

ii: Cancel

Means that your order has been canceled.

iii: Not Yet Shipped

If you have already paid for the order and found that you wanted to add other items into the same order, you could still do it within 24 hours of your payment.

iv: Prepared for Shipment

If you have finalize your purchase and not adding any other products to your order, you can click “Shipping”.

v: Shipped

Once your order has been shipped, you could check the shipping status of your parcel.

vi: Complete

The parcel has been received by the customer.

4. Delivery Problem

After you have ordered, there may arise some problems along the way. Product delivery may be delayed due to various reasons, for example, supplier or manufacturer may be run out of stock, or when the product reached our warehouse, we found it damaged or quality problem, and then we will return the product to the supplier immediately on your behalf. In such case, the delivery will be delayed and we will also inform you when such case happens as soon as possible.

Customer can decide whether to wait for replacement of the defective product or to change to other product when such incidence happens.

5. Damaged or Poor Quality

Upon delivery, customer has seven (7) days to lodge their objection to the quality of the products. If the parcel was delivered with the external packaging damaged, the customer can either refuse to receive the products or sign on the delivery order from the courier or logistics service company, with a remark that the packaging was damaged. Normally, the delivery company will give a copy of the delivery order to you. Also get the delivery personnel to counter-sign on the delivery order on the remarks that you have written.

Take a photograph of the damage parcel before you open it. Once open check the product inside the parcel that the product is not damage. Sometime the product internally is still in good condition due to the protective packaging internally. However, if the product is damage, do take no less than three (3) photographs on the different angle of the product to show the actual damage and email to us on the situation. We will assist you to claim from the supplier to replace the product if it is the supplier’s fault or from the shipping company if it is the shipper’s fault.

However, suppliers, manufacturers and shippers will not entertain any claim of damage goods or poor quality after seven (7) days of delivery.

6. Mediation & Arbitration

Any disputes between the buyers and suppliers or manufacturers shall go for mediation between the parties. In the event that buyers and suppliers or manufacturers cannot come to an agreement, the problem or case can be referred to ChinaHao for arbitration and decision. Decision made by ChinaHao on the parties shall be final and binding. Both parties, buyer and seller, shall follow the final decision or conclusion determined by ChinaHao.

7. Arbitration Fee

ChinaHao will charge an Arbitration fee of US$500 on the party that loses the case. Before ChinaHao starts to arbitrate, both parties shall pay to ChinaHao the arbitration fee of US$500. ChinaHao will refund the full amount to the party that won the case after ChinaHao investigate the case and arbitration.

8. Adding products to your paid order

After you have submitted your order and would like to add on more items, you can do so if it is within twenty-four (24) hours. However, there will be changes to your shipment date and the cost of shipment. We will have to recalculate and inform you on the new shipment date and the shipping cost due to the new addition.

9. Under and Overpayment

Generally this problem should not happen if you are buying from the other websites listed here. We would have verified the product weight or volumetric weight for you. However, those that uses TaoBao site may face some problems due to their general classification. In such type of classification, the weight or the volumetric weight is difficult to be accurate. In the event that there is a shortfall of the shipping cost, we will write to you to top up or we will refund to you in the event that there is an over payment.

10. Order Confirmation

From the website you will be able to see the status of your order. If there is any questions on your order, please write to us via the email. Likewise we will write to you via the E-mail.

11. Order Cancellation

You can cancel your order in the cart as long as you have not made any payment. Your order will not be reflected in the tracking system. Once your order in the cart is cancelled, the item you have picked will be deleted from the cart. You will have to pick the item again if you want to purchase the item you have originally selected.

When the supplier has shipped the product out from their warehouse, you cannot cancel the purchase order. The product is already on its way to you though it may not reach you yet.

12. Comment & Suggestions

If you have any good comments of good suppliers and you may want to recommend the suppliers to other, you can leave your comment in the remark or feedback column. We will transfer your good remarks to the suppliers to encourage them to do better.

If you have some negative remarks or suggestion to the suppliers, manufacturers or our services, you are also welcome to write such comment in the feedback or remark column.

13. Circumstances that the customer can reject the goods

By using our website for shopping, all customers hereby declared that they agreed that when the procurement and transportation of the order has occurred, customers cannot cancel the orders or refuse to receive the goods when it is delivered to them except under the following circumstances.

  • 1. The goods that you have cancelled did not enter into the order processing process
  • 2. The actual product is completely different from the description
  • 3. The product you received is completely wrong in colour and size
  • 4. The product you received is damaged
  • 5. The goods are not the commodity or products you have ordered

Once the customers’ orders have been placed with the suppliers and the products have left the suppliers’ warehouses, we could not help you to stop the process. Therefore you must ensure the correctness of your products ordered, including size, colour among others. If you are not familiar with what you are going to buy, please look at the explanation and help for the product. You can also seek our help to obtain more information of the product for you to avoid potential troubles. We will do our best to provide you with this service to the best ability and quality service as far as possible.

14. Weight & Customs Declaration

When placing your order, please remember the following tips:

  • 1. There will be different weight limit through different shipment company or by using different shipping methods.
  • 2. We need to declare the item and the value of the item in the parcel when the goods are leaving China. Please check with your local customs department on the import tax via parcel delivery before you order. Buyers shall be responsible for any form of taxes in their own countries.

If the product purchasing exceeds the above weight allowed, and if you are selecting EMS or China Post (small parcel), we suggest that you split it into different packages to comply with the weight and value of the goods allowed for your country, that will help to eliminate or reduce the tax problem and that need to pay high charges for your freight.

15. Dispute Settlement

The buyer and seller shall settle any dispute amicably between themselves if there is problem on the orders or products. In the event that the buyer and seller could not settle the dispute amicably between themselves, the dispute can be brought to for arbitration. If arbitration fails, then will take the dispute to the next level, and after investigation, ChinaHao will decide to award the dispute to the aggrieved party. The seller and buyer hereby declared that they fully accept the final decision of panel of investigation and decision as the final award for the dispute between the parties and cannot be challenge further in any court of laws.

16. Freight / Transportation

Many freight forwarding or logistic companies do not accept to transport branded products unless permission is obtained from the brand owners. However, you see many retailers or wholesalers selling branded products on our website or many other websites. We cannot tell whether the product is a true original product or a copy false product. We can only purchase the product on the buyer behalf as stated in the purchase order.

There are some companies that will accept to transport and shipped the branded product at a higher cost. We can introduce a customs declaration broker to you. This broker will take care of the customs declaration in China and provide transport companies to transport your goods. However, ChinaHao cannot be held responsible for any shortcoming, including if the product is being held up by the Chinese custom officer or any customs officer in any transit countries or under any other circumstances.

17. Exchange of Goods

Buyer can ask for exchange of goods if they ordered standard items from our website. ChinaHao will assist buyers to seek for exchange of goods if the goods are defective, wrong colour or size from what they have ordered.

Specially ordered and manufactured products which are found to be defective, but within the Quality rejects tolerance percentage, may not be able to have it exchange. We will still assist buyers to negotiate with the suppliers or manufacturers for possible replacement or compensation.

However, if the buyer wanted to exchange for another colour or size from their original order, the buyer will have to return the goods in its original condition and packing without damage. The buyers will also have to pay for the full shipment cost both ways.

All leggings, socks, underwear or inner wear are not exchangeable due to hygiene problem.

18. Return of Goods

We accept the return of standard goods to us if it is wrongly sent to you, or defective, damage during shipment or wrong colour or size.

However, we will try to help buyers to negotiate with the seller to return the goods after purchase due to a change of mind. We can only accept to help the buyer to negotiate the return of goods if it is a standard item from the website. However, in such cases, buyers will have to ensure that the products are return in its original condition and packing without damage and have to pay for the full shipment cost for the return of goods.

Specially manufacture or made to order products are not returnable, unless the supplier or manufacturer has made it wrongly, not in accordance with design, colour or size.

All leggings, socks, underwear or inner wear are not exchangeable due to hygiene problem.

  • 19. Branded Goods (Original or Copy)

    ChinaHao cannot guarantee or certify that the product we purchase on behalf of the buyer is an original or copy product. We are no expert to verify the product on behalf of the buyers. When buyers direct us to purchase the product for them from which ever suppliers via the link forwarded to us, our role is only to buy that product on the buyer’s behalf. Buyers shall take their own responsibilities for their choice of buying.

    Many buyers are attracted by the price of the product being cheap and hoping to have a good buy for an original product. Such cheap offers are always questionable. However, that does not mean the product of such cheap offer is a copy, false or imitation product. It may be a true original product that the seller is selling. Buyers will have to make their choice and selection carefully.

    Although all sellers are welcome to list their products for sale on our site, sellers normally will inform buyer the status of their products. However, you are advised to take that information with a pinch of salt.

    Listed below are some of the words in Chinese for your reference to assist you in your purchasing. Related Chinese words are:

    • 正品/真品 - genuine; original; authentic; real
    • 仿/高仿/超A - fake; replica; imitation; bootleg; A class
    • 原厂 - from original factory manufacturer
    • 原单 - from original orders, but was rejected by brand owner due to some slight defects or late shipment
    • 余单/尾单 - overstock or rejected from original orders
    • 跟单 - It’s original orders, but does meet the authentic quality of the brand owner
    • 外贸/出口 - for export items
    • 国货/山寨 - fake/replica but sold in China under private label

    Buyers are also warn that false copy branded products carry with it high risk of being check by customs officers and get confiscated. ChinaHao will not be responsible and will not compensate for your lost, even though you may have paid for your shipping insurance and other cost.

    20. Battery and Related Products

    Most freight forwarders, logistic companies and airlines will not transport battery or battery powered products by air.

    It can only be shipped by sea freight which will take a longer time for delivery.

    21. Liquid and Cream Products

    Any liquid or cream and related products are also not able to be shipped via air freight. It can only be shipped via sea freight. And will take a longer time for delivery.

    22. Refund

    ChinaHao will refund to the original source of payment by the buyer if there is a need to make any refund to the buyers; For example, if the buyer originally pay via Western Union, ChinaHao will refund via Western Union. You can also keep the refund in your account with ChinaHao and use it to purchase other products later. You can also use the refund immediately to purchase another item.