About Us is an international buying house. We assist clients to source for products directly from the manufacturers or suppliers or from clients’ instructions to purchase the products that they saw on the e-Shopping / e-Commerce sites as are listed on our website. We specially feature more china shopping sites in English for the English-speaking countries outside China. There are also other sites listed on our website in Chinese Language. If you happen to see something that you like and not sure of the content, do contact us with the product details, e.g. the product link, SKU number etc., with your questions and we will get back to you.

There are millions of products manufactured in China, be it big or small, low technology or high technology. We will assist our clients to source for the products. There is no doubt about purchasing, sub-contracting or manufacturing your products in China. You will have great cost saving.

We also can assist you to source from suppliers or manufacturers for special design products to be manufactured. We will obtain quotation for you, and arrange for you to visit the suppliers or manufacturers for business discussion and place your orders.

We will arrange the hotel accommodation, pick you up on your arrival and arrange the meeting with the suppliers or manufacturers.

You will enjoy the following services by using

  • 1. There is large product line that can be chosen, you can search any goods what you want. You can easily search for your product in one website,, instead of spending more time to search for the same products in many websites. None of other website carries as many e-Shopping / e-Commerce websites as ours.
  • 2. Clients will enjoy great cost saving as our products cost is lower than European stores by 3-4 times.
  • 3. Manufacturers or sub-contractors in China will follow the instructions and contract T&Cs in the manufacturing process and meet the quality standard as demanded by clients. Clients will enjoy a lower product cost and are assured and guarantee of product quality.
  • 4. The products listed on our websites are not only from China. Some of these products come from USA, European countries, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indo-China, or South East Asian countries.
  • 5. When you order the products, the goods will be sent to our warehouse by the suppliers or manufacturers. We will receive the goods on your behalf, check for any physical / cosmetic defect. We cannot help you to check for functional defect. If there is any, we will return the goods on your behalf to the suppliers or manufacturers for replacement before shipping to you.
  • 6. Once the parcel is sent out, we will inform you the tracking number within 2-3 days when we receive the tracking number from the carriers or the logistic company.
  • We are a legal entity. We guarantee the integrity of the transactions and carry out our obligation set in T&Cs. To know more details on the terms and conditions including transportation, guarantees, payment methods, please refer to the "FAQ".

    If you have any problems or questions that need help, please feel free to contact our Support Team at

    Have a good shopping time!
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