About individual account on ChinaHao

Individual account on ChinaHao is an advance payment system. You can recharge your individual account in advance. When you are doing a purchase on the net, you can use your individual account to make payment, which is fast and easy. Your account with is secure and safe. You can view your account anytime to check the status as you like.

  • Recharge Account: You can recharge your account in advance. Funds will be deposited into your individual account. You can use the fund in your account to complete the payment for your future order timely through individual account. To add fund, go to member area/my account/ Financial, choose one convenient method to finish the payment.
  • Using the account balance for payment: If there is fund in your account, you can use them to pay part or full amount of your order. To do this, you can chose "Using the account balance for payment",when you place the order. If your order has been issued, but need to pay the balance for delivery, you can pay the balance: my account/recharge account/select the payment method/click the link connection we have prepared. Similarly, if you have pay extra delivery fee for the goods you had order and is out of stock, we will refund to your account, convenient for your next order. If you have any questions please contact our customer service.
  • Account status: You can check all monetary transactions in individual account "Account Information", "Account Balance", "Total Funds", "Already Pay Deal", "Payment Information Details", "Available Balance", account balance can be used to pay for other order.
  • Capital withdraw system: You can use account balance to pay for your future orders. If you do not want to use it for any reason, you can claim the money from the system.
  • By using one instruction, you can withdrawal your capital from individual account. We will refund the account balance to your designated bank within one week after we get the application. If you have any problem you can contact our customer service online, and provide your account number (for example: PAYPAL account or western union account etc.)