Prohibited Items

Category Commodity Type
Arms / Military Firearms, weaponry, ammunition and their parts, Military equipment Prohibited
Arms / Military Imitation (replica) firearms, weaponry, ammunition and their parts
Toy gun, toy pistols, toy revolvers
Artworks Antiques, Cultural artifacts Prohibited
Biological Animal products e.g. Animal oil & fats, Antibody, Bacillus, Bacon, Bacteria, Biological substance, Blood, Bone, Cell, Coliform, Feathers, Feed, Guts, Horns, Jerky, Petfood, Protein, Raw wool & leather, Sausage, Semen, Serum Prohibited
Biological Live animals, insects, fish and birds Prohibited
Biological Plants, Seeds, Cotton seeds, Grain samples, Soil samples
Plant products e.g. Barley, Beans, Clay, Flour, Green coffee, Potpourri, Hay, Fresh / Dried fruits, Grain, Herb, Leaf, Malt, Nuts, Flowers, Rice, Seeds, Soil, Spices, Tea (excluding tea bag), tobacco, Walnut, Wheat, Wood, Vegetable
Biological Tissue of livestock, Corpse (dead animals), human remains and ashes Prohibited
Biological & Chemicals Hazardous waste - Biological and Chemical waste Prohibited
Chemicals Fuel samples (for analytical purposes) Prohibited
Chemicals Petroleum products Prohibited
Currency Cash (coins, currency,bank notes) and cash-like negotiable instruments such as endorsed stocks, bonds, postage stamp and cash letters. Prohibited
Dangerous Goods All Classes of Dangerous Goods (DG) including Battery e.g. Explosives, Gases, Flammable liquids/solids, Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides, Toxic and infectious substances, Radioactive substances, Corrosive substances Prohibited
Drug & Medicine Drug - non-prescription, Drug - Prescription, Drug- samples Prohibited
Drug & Medicine Hazardous waste, e.g. used syringes, hypodermic needles, and other medical waste Prohibited
Drug & Medicine Medical equipments Prohibited
Electronic Products Hazardous wastes Prohibited
Food Perishable food (decays quickly, needs refrigeration) e.g. fruits, vegetables Prohibited
Leather Animal skins, Fur skin Prohibited
Liquor & Alcoholic beverages All liquor & alcoholic beverages Prohibited
Machinery Radar equipment Prohibited
Others All products in powder or liquid form Prohibited
Others ATA CARNET shipment Prohibited
Others Counterfeit products Prohibited
Others Gambling devices, including lottery tickets Prohibited
Others Perishable products and other goods that required refrigeration or other environmental control Prohibited
Others Pornographic and/or obscene materials Prohibited
Others Precious metal - Bullion, Precious stones Prohibited
Others Product made from endangered species including Ivory, Product made from wildlife Prohibited
Others Shipments to PO box (Post Office box) / APO (Army Post Office) / FPO (Fleet Post Office) / DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) addresses Prohibited
Tobacco Tobacco (including chewing tobacco, imitation tobacco, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes) Prohibited
Woods & Plants Coal and firewood, raw material of woods, unprocessed woods Prohibited
Artworks Artworks - fine, for commercial, for personal Restricted
Cosmetics General cosmetics - for commercial & for personal Restricted
Currency Cheque - for business, for personal, for travellers Restricted
Currency Credit card Restricted
Electronic Products Cell phones / Mobile phones Restricted
Electronic Products Computer, desktop computer, notebook computer, laptop computer Restricted
Films Film: copies, for commercial, for entertainment, publicity and training Restricted
Films Microfilm, Negative, Slides Restricted
Others Jewellery including imitation jewellery Restricted
Others Watch Restricted