若木卫浴 卫生间陶瓷洗面盆 洗脸盆台盆 台下盆 方形洗手池嵌入式。

若木卫浴 卫生间陶瓷洗面盆 洗脸盆台盆 台下盆 方形洗手池嵌入式。Zoom


Brand.If wood.
Same-city service.Same-city logistics door-to-door.
Color classification.3026: 470x350mm single basin without accessories 3026: 470x350mm basin with 3019B tap 3026: 470x350mm basin with water 2215: 530x370mm single basin without accessories 22 15: 530x370mm basin with 3019B tap 2215: 530x370mm basin with water 3281: 600x400mm single basin without accessories 3281: 600x400mm basin contains 3019B tap. 3281: 600x400mm basin with water 2218: 535x355mm Single basin without accessories 2218: 535x355mm basin with 3019B tap 2218: 535x355mm basin with water 221 6: 410x410mm Single basin without accessories 2216: 410x410mm basin with 3019B tap 2216: 410x410mm basin with water 2217: 500x390mm single basin without accessories 2217: 500x390mm basin with 3019B tap 2217: 500x390mm basin with water white.



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若木卫浴 卫生间陶瓷洗面盆 洗脸盆台盆 台下盆 方形洗手池嵌入式。

若木卫浴 卫生间陶瓷洗面盆 洗脸盆台盆 台下盆 方形洗手池嵌入式。若木卫浴 卫生间陶瓷洗面盆 洗脸盆台盆 台下盆 方形洗手池嵌入式。Provide 若木卫浴 卫生间陶瓷洗面盆 洗脸盆台盆 台下盆 方形洗手池嵌入式。 by 若木名扬专卖店 at Product #: 9821283238106.46In stock