SizeM L XL
Waist typeHigh waist
Color classificationGroup A: Powder, skin, red, blue Group B: Powder, skin, dark gray, blue C group: powder, skin, green, blue Group, green, red Group E: Powder, skin, green and black G group: mash-up four-strip A group: turmeric and blue, caramel color, green, green, and (random delivery of two) Group B: Blue and caramel color, green, apricot, (random send two) Group C: caramel color, green, apricot, gray, and (randomly sent two) Group D: Green and apricot s.gray and turmeric plus (random lys) Group G: mash-up 6 strips of three-dimensional embossed -A group: purple and powder, gray, skin (randomly sent two) Buy four send two) three-dimensional embossing-B group: gray and powder, melon red and skin (buy four send two) three-dimensional embossing -C group: black and melon red and gray and skin (buy four send two) three-dimensional embossing group-D group: black and melon red and gray and purple (buy four send two) three-dimensional embossed group-
Fabric commonly known asCotton fabric
Time to marketFall 2019
Ingredient content81% (inclusive) -95% (inclusive)
Who to applyYouth
StyleTriangle pants
Sales channel typeSame in the mall (both online and offline sales)
The material composition of the part of the shoditonCotton 100%
Large body compositionCotton 95% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%
Number of bars4 articles



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